Making the first dial in a cold call session is often a difficult task for salespeople. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to motivate yourself to start those cold calls.

In this article, we’ll outline 5 steps you can take to get yourself in the right mindset for cold calling and book more meetings.

1. Plan your cold call sessions, block out your calendar, and close out any distractions

One of the most important steps in a cold calling session is to know how many calls you are going to make ahead of time. Calculate how many calls it takes you to book 1 meeting. Multiply that number by your monthly quota. That’s how many dials you need to make (at minimum) to hit your goal. Divide that total number by how many working days there are in a month to determine how many calls you need to make each day (add 10% to give yourself a cushion). From there, you can decide how many cold call sessions you’d like to have each day.

Now that you know how many calls you need to make during your cold call session, make sure to block out your calendar while you make those calls. It’s important to prioritize your call blocks so you can get through them without any distractions.

Instant messages, social media, text messages, and other websites are all productivity killers when it comes to a cold calling session. Leave an away message on your instant messaging system notifying your team that you are in a cold calling session and avoid using any type of social media while you are making calls.

2. Listen to a successful cold call before starting

Before you make your first call, get yourself in the right mindset by listening to a recording of a successful cold call. Reminding yourself of the positive outcomes and listening to the flow of a great conversation can help put to rest any pre-call jitters that you may have.

Create a repository of any cold call recordings and bookmark the page. That way, it’ll be easily accessible and only a few clicks away.

3. Stand

A simple yet effective technique is to stand while you are making calls. Standing is a great way to sound more confident on the phone and improve your tone.

Consider investing in a standing desk. You may even be able to expense this!

4. Write down your goals

Keep track of your progress by writing down your goals on a piece of paper.

Calculate how much money you make for each meeting that you set. Keep a running total throughout the month and make it visible while you call.

There’s no better feeling than when you book a meeting and are able to update that running total!

5. Open a tab for each person you plan to call, only close it out once you’ve called them

This is a tip that comes from the 30 Minutes to President’s Club Podcast. Before you start each cold calling session, open up a tab for each person that you plan to call. Only close the tab after you’ve called the prospect.

This is another great way to visualize your progress and make sure that you are getting all of your dials in.


It’s no secret that the amount of effort you put into your outreach process has a direct correlation to the number of meetings you book. So make sure that you are motivated and ready to take on your cold calling sessions each day! Best of luck!



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