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Members get access to exclusive and intimate events with some of the top leaders, coaches and practitioners in the SDR game. As a member, you’re able to drop into as many of our live events as you’d like!

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Member Events

Here’s a sneak peek at the member-only events we’ve hosted recently to help members level up crucial skills.

Kill It on Social with Sarah Brazier

Sarah is one of the top social-selling pros in the SDR game. Join her every Friday to get her insights into killing it on social and building your personal brand. Sarah has hosted guests like Gabrielle Blackwell, Koka Sexton, Daniel Disney and Carolyn Dorricott.

Sarah Brazier Headshot

Master Your Cold Calls with Jake Harry

Jake has hosted hands-on cold-calling workshops for members to help SDRs figure out their scripts, how to objection handle and how to get the meeting booked.

Jake Harry Headshot

Weekly Career Development Workshops

Each week we host a career development workshop to help you navigate your career! We’ve brought in successful sales leaders like senior AEs, VPs of Sales, senior SDRs and SDR managers, including Richard Harris.

Weekly Career Development Workshops Image

Leveraging Personal Video for Prospecting with Vidyard

Tyler Lessard and Reva Pellerin from Vidyard teach members how to kill using videos to cut through the noise. Video prospecting is one of the most underused and impactful tools available to SDRs.

Leveraging Personal Video Image

The Cost of Mental Health in Sales

We don’t limit events to the tactical ones. As a community, we support each other on a personal level, as well. Our Belonging, Inclusion and Culture group hosts live events focused on our health and well-being.

Cost of Mental Health in Sales Image

Learn With Your Friends

The SDR role is tough. Meet others in the same position as you during our live events. You’ll probably learn as much from them as you will from our guest speakers.

Michael Little Headshot

Michael Little

I loved the access to the incredible knowledge shared by the mentors in their area of expertise, every time I was able to drop in to a session, I took away a nugget that I wasn't at all considering that really helped me understand the role on a broader level. The work materials that you receive will give you the ability to level up and be a leader and resource for your team whether your at a well established company with a built out process or you are at a start up and are task to be the one to build it.

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