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Level Up Your Skills

As an SDR, you want to master cold calling, video prospecting, social selling, email writing, and many other skills important to your job. We have SDR-specific training resources and content to help you build the skills to finish on top of the leaderboard

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Giving you access to the best sales courses and certification through JB Sales OnDemand!

SDR Nation Lifetime Members get special access to the best SDR courses and certification in the game through JB On Demand. We believe in the training on the JB platform and know you’ll level up your skills and stand out. 

You get access to the following courses and certifications!

  • Filling the Funnel – to give you the tools you need to book meetings.
  • Driving to Close – get the insights on running an effective sales process.
  • Personal Branding for Beginners – build a personal brand that makes an impact.
  • N.E.A.T Selling with Richard Harris – to better qualify your pipeline
  • Persona Masterclass – truly understand the ICP you’re trying to connect with
Improve the Core Skills You Need to Nail Your Job

Improve the Core Skills You Need to Nail Your Job Our training includes articles, workshops, cadence strategies, and more to help you win as an SDR.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Stay Ahead of the Curve Our new and evergreen training content helps you stay ahead of the challenges you face and book meetings to hit your quota.

On Demand and on Point

On Demand and on Point Access training resources any time, especially when you’re looking to master challenges as they come up in your job.

24/7 Interaction

24/7 Interaction Discuss content and training with coaches and other SDRs through our community.

A Range of Topics

A Range of Topics Our content teaches you everything you need to know about being a successful SDR, from everyday skills to advanced strategies.

Events and Workshops

Events and Workshops We also host live workshops and other events so you can learn from and interact with industry experts and each other in real time.

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