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SDR Nation set out to build a different kind of community—one based on mentorship, collaboration, and friendship.

There’s a problem in sales that we believe we can change – a lack of training, enablement and coaching for SDRs early in their careers. Often, as an SDR you can feel alone, struggle to find the resources or help you need to be successful. It can be difficult to find like minded people to connect with that you can trust.

Our Mission

SDR Nation’s mission is to fix this problem by providing the training, enablement and coaching you need to confidently accelerate your career.

We’re an exclusive, membership-based community that connects SDRs with expert mentors and opportunities to learn important skills. Whether you’re looking to be promoted, consistently hit your numbers, or just meet some of the best SDRs in the world and build friendships, our community is for the SDRs that want to get ahead. 

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The Key to Mentorship: 1:1 Training Icon
The Key to Mentorship: 1:1 Training
Strong, empathetic guidance provides the best foundation for true mentorship. Our members enjoy one-on-one training with experts in the sales field who are keenly focused on their proteges.
A Premium Community for SDRs Only Icon
A Premium Community for SDRs Only
As the only paid SDR community, we’re able to offer premium experiences to our members. We also focus only on SDRs and the challenges they face.
Unparalleled Expertise Icon
Unparalleled Expertise
Between our in-house coaches and guest speakers we bring in for workshops and events, our members work with and learn from the top SDR experts in the industry.
Conversations Without the Noise Icon
Conversations Without the Noise
Open SDR communities, such as on LinkedIn, are overcrowded, inhibiting camaraderie rather than supporting it. SDR Nation’s exclusive approach ensures that your connections are as passionate about their careers as you are.

Our Story

We started SDR Nation mid-2020 after SDRs around the world were forced to drastically change how they work and start doing their jobs from home. 

The SDR role was already one of the most challenging roles in a company. While this shift motivated us to build SDR Nation, the problem we realized SDRs were facing had been around for years. 

Both of us worked with each other on sales teams at two different companies and spent a lot of our time focused on coaching, enablement and teaching our reps to be successful. We realized that this was a big gap that SDRs at most companies were struggling with. The role needs a significant amount of support and it can be tough for companies to give their SDRs everything they need to be successful. 

Through Michael’s experience with community building and Charlie’s background in sales leadership, we recognized that a dedicated community JUST FOR SDRs could be the solution that SDRs needed. One that is safe and helps to cut through the noise, where we’d curate top experts and mentors to coach the topics that would help SDRs nail their job and accelerate their careers. 

Fast forward to today, we’ve built that with SDR Nation. It’s the only private community dedicated just for SDRs to learn and get both 1-1 and group coaching and skills that will  make them successful. We’ve brought together 25+ incredible coaches, hosted dozens of intimate workshops, run hundreds of 1-1 sessions and partnered with great organizations like JB Sales to bring the best courses to SDRs. 

We hope you’ll go on this journey with us. As an SDR you are in one of the most important roles in your company. Our goal is to help you bring out the best in yourself.

— Michael Gagliano & Charlie Locke

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Meet the team behind the community!

Sarah Brazier

Founding Coach

Michael Gagliano


Jake Harry

Founding Coach

Meagan Suckling

Head of Career Coaching

Charlie Locke


Jimmy Comodeca

Content Manager

Our Partners in Community

To impact the big challenges facing sales development reps and leaders today, we need to partner with like-minded organizations to accelerate our efforts. Below are the organizations we’re working with to make a change.

JB Sales
Our partner in Training

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