Help Bohdan

The time is now to activate your company’s resources and save Ukraine.

Bohdan Khlimonenko has partnered with SDR Nation’s network, to drive awareness to his cause.

He is looking to meet CEO’s or senior leaders at organizations able to donate personally, or from their company’s funds to save lives in Ukraine.

The charity is Come Back Alive. They supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with non-lethal equipment, as well as a media project to document the atrocities committed by the Russian army. All donations usage is transparent (more details on the charity below).

Book a 15-minute call with Bohdan to learn how your company’s donation can help 44 million Ukrainians defend themselves.

He’s also willing to meet with employees from companies to discuss how to engage their leadership team in this cause.

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Bohdan has been an SDR Nation member since May 2021. Enthusiastic salesperson before the war, he’s leveraging his sales skills to help in any way he can. He’s on a mission to raise 300K.

After vetting many options he has chosen a reputable charity (Come Back Alive) that he believes will make a direct impact on Ukrainian lives.

Why you should care.

Ukrainian government estimates that more than 2,300 civilians died in the city of Mariupol alone. UN confirms 10 million Ukrainians fled their homes

It’s rare that you have an opportunity to save lives. This is that opportunity. Take it.

Each day of the war affects the global economy and is likely to impact us all in some way or another. Be part of the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the foundation is credible? READ

Come Back Alive has been supporting the Ukrainian army since 2014. Since then, it has processed over $45M, the fund’s reports are public and it has been featured by many reputable outlets, such as The Independent and Bloomberg.


Is there a minimum donation? READ

No there isn’t. However, we would like to see donations of $5K – $25K if possible, with a goal of reaching $300K.


Do I need to be a CEO or Senior Executive to book a call with Bohdan? READ

Absolutely not. He’s hoping that by meeting people that have influence at sympathetic companies, they may either find ways to crowdsource the funding internally or get the folks who can make decisions like this to meet with Bohdan.


How will my funds be used? READ

The funds are not used to purchase lethal equipment. The foundation supports purely defence strategies, including medical assistance, accoutrements, and defence analysis.

Every dollar spent with the foundation is published in the fund’s annual reports. Donors pledging more than $10,000 can also define what they want their donation to be used for.


Should I prioritize support to the army over humanitarian aid? READ

This is totally up to you. Any kind of support to Ukraine will be impactful. What motivates us to support the army is that every dollar spent on the defense eradicates the need for many more dollars required in humanitarian aid as a result of the war later on. Until the war is over, the need for aid will always far outpace donations.


I don’t want to give money for military use or the army. READ

Come Back Alive also assists families of servicemen and women who need medical care or rehabilitation. In late February, the fund has launched a media project called “Ukrainian Witness” with the purpose to document atrocities committed by the Russian army during the invasion.


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